PURPOSE: GLUCO-BITES  Soft Chews promotes optimal growth and development of the musculo-skeletal system. Helps support bone health and the function of joints. Supports renal and cardiovascular functions. Helps the maintenance of a healthy skin and coat. The combination of all the ingredients provides the necessary benefits to help support joint structure, function and flexibility to animals of all ages.

Active Ingredients per chew: Glucosamine HCL 550 mg, Chondroitin sulphate 25 mg, MSM 250 mg, Green lipped mussels 150 mg (Perna canaliculus), Omega 3 fatty acids – Eicosapentaenoic (EPA) 15 mg, Docosahexaenoic (DHA) 10 mg, Vitamin C 20 mg (10 IU/UI), Manganese 10 mg

Non medicinal ingredients: Brewer`s yeast, Calcium sulfate, Arabic acid, Oat flour, Chicken liver, Citric acid, fish oil concentrate, Glycerin, rosemary extract, Sodium alginate, Rye flour, Soy lecithin, Mixed tocopherols, Pectin, Propionic acid, Silicon dioxide, Sorbic acid, Vegetable oil.


Feed by hand or crumble and mix with food.

Small sized dogs / Cats (3-8 kg / 6.5-18 lbs): 1/2 chew daily
Medium sized dogs (8.1-15 kg / 19-33 lbs): 1 chew daily
Large sized dogs (15.1-40 kg / 34-88 lbs): 2 chews daily
Extra large sized dogs (40.1+ kg / 89+ lbs): 3 chews daily

Adjust after 4-6 weeks to 1/2 of initial dose or according to your animal’s needs.


Small sized dogs (3-8 kg / 6.5-18 lbs): 360 days
Medium sized dogs (8.1-15 kg / 19-33 lbs): 180 days
Large sized dogs (15.1-40 kg / 34-88 lbs): 90 days
Extra large sized dogs (40.1+ kg / 89+ lbs): 45 days


Usage: Les cubes à croquer tendres GLUCO-BITES favorisent une croissance et un dévelo- ppement optimaux du sys- tème musculo-squelettique. Ils favorisent la santé des os et la fon- ction articulaire. Ils soutiennent les fonctions rénale et cardiovasculaire. Ils aident au maintien d’une peau et d’un pelage en santé. La combinaison de tous les ingrédients pro- cure des bien- faits qui favorisent la structure et la fonction articulaires, ainsi que la flexibilité chez les animaux de tous âges.

Ingrédients actifs par cube : Glucosamine HCL 550 mg, sulfate de chondroïtine 25 mg, MSM 250 mg, moules labiées vertes 150 mg (Perna canaliculus), acides gras oméga 3 – acide éicosapentaénoïque (EPA) 15 mg, acide docosahexaénoïque (DHA) 10 mg, vitamine C 20 mg (10 UI), manganèse 10 mg

Ingrédients non médicinaux: levure de bière, sulfate de calcium, acide arabique, farine d’avoine, foie de poulet, acide citrique, huile de poisson concentrée, glycérine, extrait de romarin, alginate de sodium, farine de seigle, lécithine de soja, mélange de tocophérols, pectine, acide propionique, dioxyde de silicone, acide sorbique, huile végétale.


Donner à la main ou en l’écrasant et le mélangeant à la nourriture.

Chiens de petite taille / Chats (3-8 kg / 6.5-18 lbs): 1/2 cube par jour
Chiens de moyenne taille (8.1-15 kg / 19-33 lbs): 1 cube par jour
Chiens de grande taille (15.1-40 kg / 34-88 lbs): 2 cubes par jour
Chiens de taille géante (40.1+ kg / 89+ lbs): 3 cubes par jour

Après 4 à 6 semaines, ajuster la posologie à la ½ de la dose initiale, selon les besoins de votre animal.


Chiens de petite taille / Chats (3-8 kg / 6.5-18 lbs): 360 jours
Medium sized dogs (8.1-15 kg / 19-33 lbs): 180 jours
Large sized dogs (15.1-40 kg / 34-88 lbs): 90 jours
Extra large sized dogs (40.1+ kg / 89+ lbs): 45 jours

UBAVET Ltd supports the independent veterinary practice and the specialist service they provide to pets and their owners. At UBAVET we believe that your local veterinary clinic is the best place for pet health nutritional advice and care. Whilst Internet pharmacies are becoming increasingly popular they do not provide the specialist services a vet provides. We only guarantee UBAVET products purchased directly from your Veterinary clinic.

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