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Veterinary Grade, Functional Nutrition for Your Dog’s Health

UBAVET is the #1 Vet Recommended Joint Supplement in Canada. Total Health Dog Food provides mobility and joint care to protect and preserve joint cartilage and relieve inflammation. With therapeutic levels of glucosamine and chondroitin plus egg shell membrane and EPA/DHA Omega-3 Fatty Acids. As a Vet-Grade diet, Total Health goes beyond pet store foods. For example, Total Health contains 1,250 mg/kg of chondroitin, vs. 200 ppm or less found in most premium pet store brands.

Total Health Dog Food provides functional levels of probiotics (beneficial bacteria). Probiotics help to balance the digestive system, reducing gas and upset, improve stool quality and support the immune system. This can benefit dogs taking antibiotics, ill and senior dogs or those with soft stools and diarrhea. Many pet shop diets contain 5 Million CFU/lb or less when UBAVET has an effective dose of over 380 Million CFU/lb. UBAVET Total Health also contains pumpkin and chicory root as food or prebiotics for the beneficial bacteria.

Wild-Caught, Human-Grade, Omega-3 Rich Herring Oil. UBAVET Total Health provides herring oil, wild caught from Atlantic Canada. Rich in EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid), herring oil nourishes the skin, strengthens and adds lustre to the coat, supports heart and circulatory health, and reduces inflammation.

Ideal for allergies and food sensitivities. Grain free and naturally preserved with Vitamin E, UBAVET Total Health is free of artificial colours and flavours and contains no fillers or by-products.

For all life stages, breeds and sizes. Formulated to encourage a healthy weight. See feeding guide here and on the label for your dog’s size, age and activity level.

Supporting dental care. Kibble is of a medium size and crunchy texture to encourage chewing, good dental hygiene and tartar control.


UBAVET Provides a Combination of Active Ingredients.

These work together to help your dog to be as active and comfortable as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about Total Health Dog Food? We have compiled the FAQs below to provide more information.
If you still have a question please call us at 1 (800) 838-8563 or email [email protected]

Our food is fully compatible with our joint care supplements and for intensive joint relief they should be used together. If your dog has only mild joint or mobility issues you can reduce the supplement to the lower maintenance dose and continue to monitor your dog’s mobility. If you are not currently using UBAVET joint supplements then start with the dog food alone and monitor your dog’s progress.
No. The joint care ingredients used in UBAVET’s food and supplements are naturally occurring. The glucosamine comes from beef cartilage and egg shell membrane, the chondroitin from shellfish and also egg shells. Your dog’s system will take what it needs and eliminate any unused ingredients.
Yes, UBAVET Total Health is formulated by our animal nutritionists to meet the AAFCO requirements for All Life Stages. This includes pregnancy and lactation. See the feeding guidelines for the feeding amount to match your dog’s size, weight and activity level. Always have fresh water available.
Absolutely yes. UBAVET Total Health will help maintain your dog’s existing joint health. Plus the high inclusion of probiotics and prebiotics will benefit your dog’s digestive and immune system and the herring oil will support your dog’s skin, coat and heart.
For over 25 years UBAVET has been trusted and recommended by Canada’s veterinarians because our supplements contain real, effective levels of their beneficial ingredients and provide visible results. Total Health Dog Food is made in this same manner, with the maximum level of the ingredients needed to provide your dog with real, visible benefits that you and your veterinarian will see, and your dog will feel.
UBAVET Total Health dog food contains very high, vet-grade levels of the active ingredients needed to support joint and mobility health. Premium pet store brands may have 200 ppm or less of Chondroitin, when UBAVET Total has over 1,250 ppm.