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At UBAVET, we work continuously to ensure our supplements are elective and to bring innovative and natural solutions to small animal and equine health issues.


The combination of all the ingredients provides the necessary benefits to help support joint structure, function & flexibility to animals.

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Osteomeg Maximum Joint Care Liquid promotes optimal growth and development of the musculo-skeletal system.

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Roasted Beef Treats

This 100% natural treat offers complete
satisfaction as an alternative
to artificial treats.

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Founded in 1994, UBAVET is a leading supplier of Veterinary Nutraceuticals. Our products are uniquely formulated to help prevent and to treat common and specific animal health issues.

Fondée en 1994, UBAVET est un fournisseur de premier rang en matière de nutraceutiques vétérinaires. Les formules uniques de nos produits aident à prévenir et à traiter les problèmes de santé courants et particuliers des animaux.

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Daily Multivitamin & Mineral Supplement

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Glucosamine HCL liquid formula / Formule liquide

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Calming formula for stress and anxiety

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Liver Support
For dogs and cats.

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Complete Line of
HIGH QUALITY Veterinary Products

Everything for your pet from canine care products to feline and equine all under one roof!

UBAVET Ltd supports the independent veterinary practice and the specialist service they provide to pets and their owners. At UBAVET we believe that your local veterinary clinic is the best place for pet health nutritional advice and care. Whilst Internet pharmacies are becoming increasingly popular they do not provide the specialist services a vet provides. We only guarantee UBAVET products purchased directly from your Veterinary clinic.

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